31 August 2007

The Positive Side Of Hollywood

As I head out of Southern California and on to Mexico, it seems timely to touch on the good of Hollywood, movie stars and the like. Growing up in this part of the World I was constantly surrounded by and exposed to the glitz and glamour that is fame and celebrity. As long as I can remember, I've wondered why this "American Royalty" doesn't do more to create social change. After all, the entire planet is borderline OBSESSED with their every move, so why don't they make some of those moves to DO SOMETHING positive?

The Paris' and the Lindsay's may never change, but some definite celebrity leaders have emerged and are doing some incredible work to make the world a better place. I found a great blog to read about what they're up to; sort-of reinvigorates me after a flip through US Weekly.

It's called Celebs Gone Good. The blog is part of the Do Something website, and Do Something is WONDERFUL! Anyhoot, I thought you might like it too. This goes under the "what I'm reading" portion of the blog. The link::


Enjoy! More from Mexico!

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