18 July 2007

Tree Housin’ It Up

Before heading to India I had a few days to hit the bush and explore the “safari” side of Africa. 8 long hours in a bus later, I arrived at Marc’s Tree House for four fun-filled days of sitting, watching and occasionally saying “stop, look, it’s a…[insert awesome animal here].” Basically, you spend 9 hours in an open-air vehicle, your eyes glued to the bushes on both sides, trying to spot that elusive lion, leopard or rhino (though my favorite animal is the giraffe, and there were lots of those, so I was a happy camper). What made the experience even more interesting for me is that I traveled alone, which meant I was surrounded by lots of new people. There was the French family who isn’t actually French [I still don’t get it] and lives in Laos part of the year and on a small island off the coast of Madagascar the rest of the year. Then there were the Mexican girls, who were all diva’ed up each and every morning. Three young Brits joined as well – Tom, Ross & Andy (how British is that?). They’re working their way up the coast of South Africa, surfing at every possible beach. Two Korean fellows were on board as well, one of them being a National Geographic Photographer. He has lived in a tent for five years traveling the world taking pictures! Of course, we had a party pooper also. I named him the “Bitter Brit.” Nothing was right – not the food, not the vehicle, not the temperature, not the other people…PARTY POOPER! Last but not least, there was Ida. Ida was more than 80 years old and, after her husband died, decided to see the world (He didn’t like to travel). She was one tough Irish lady, and we had a ball. Reminded me of my grandma. As words won’t really tell the best Safari story, I decided to make a short little video to a glorious Elton John song. Enjoy!

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